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We specialise in custom, vintage bicycles built around older steel frames. These frames were handbuilt by skilled craftsmen, and are lightweight,  responsive and fun to ride, as well as being versatile, durable and very easy on the eye.

We put our bikes together using a carefully chosen mixture of quality new and second-hand parts, each chosen individually to best suit that particular bike.  We don’t stick religiously to period correct builds, but we do always build sympathetically, staying true to the spirit of the maker and the machine.  No two cycles we sell are alike, but all are fully guaranteed against mechanical fault or failure for six months. Our prices for complete bikes start at about £400.

Below you can see our current range of ready-to-ride bikes.  However, most of the bikes we sell are custom-built for a particular customer.  Please visit our frames page to browse our current stock of frames available for custom-builds.

Off the peg bicycles we have previously sold can be found here 

  • Mener

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    Quick and responsive, this Menet race frame is ideally suited to single speed life in the urban melée. Fresh paint and new parts; this one’s agile, capable and smart.

  • Stratton TT

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    Time-trial the late-70s way. Super-steep angles and super-tight clearances (pictured here on 20mm tyres), this frame is as responsive as they come. Track ends and a mech hanger so you can set this up fixed or with gears, either way this bike prizes speed above all else; even the paint can’t keep up!

  • Hetchins Vede Mecum

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    By Hetchins’ standards, this is a relatively understated example. The workmanship and finishing, however, is second to none – and the deeper and longer one looks, the more it becomes clear that the choices made in the design of this Vede Mecum I were not dictated by budget, but by an ostentatious taste.
    The build sacrifices neither form nor function to the other – staying true to the aesthetic and spirit of the original machine. A composite of continental parts: Italian gears (Campagnolo) and brakes (Universal), French crankset (Durax) and Bottom Bracket (TA), Belgian cockpit (Titan) and British saddle (Wrights). As handsome as they come.


    This bicycle is on display at Rapha Spitalfields – drop in to see it in the flesh!

  • Raleigh Rapide

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    An 80s all-rounder, repurposed as an urban single speed. Handbuilt Ambrosio wheels, NOS Continental tyres, Campagnolo crankset, a nubuck Concor to perch on and bullhorns to get down and give it some on the flats. Slick, fast and smooth. Just don’t put it down in the snow…

  • Mac Lean

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    Formerly of Upper Street, Islington, MacLean retain an ability to make the most hardened of London lightweight-watchers go all goey-eyed. This 50s example is true to the rule. Superb detailing, pencil stays, original paint and varnish transfers. Set up fixed, but on a flip-flop hub with a 5 speed freewheel if you wanted to run it geared down the line.