• Mercian King of Mercia Tourist 1981

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    The classic touring bike from Derby’s finest. Brazed on cantilever brake pivots and rack mounts, clearance for 32mm tyres and mudguards. Sporty enough to keep you up to speed with just about anything, stable and strong enough to take you just about everywhere…

  • Sold

    Tommy Godwin

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    A rapid single-speed cruiser, built for purpose and style. Unusual bi-lam lugwork, with period componentry keeping things simple and stripped back. Classic looks, and when you put the hammer down this thing flies…

  • Condor Italia 1973

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    Beautiful mid 1970s Condor. Parallel 73 degree head and seat tubes and small-offset forks (40mm) make this a nimble, agile race machine. Fantastic period colourway with chrome lugs. Nuovo Record group, including headset, seatpost and pedals and hubs, with Universal braking kit and Cinelli bars and stem.

  • Peugeot Canyon Express

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    Mid 80s Peugeot Canyon Express. Clunker-style geometry and looks: laid back angles, double plate crown, bullmoose bars. This one’s equally at home cruising round the city streets looking bad, or rushing gravel trails with stable, sure footed cool. The perfect expedition tourer, this one will take you wherever you want to go in easy style….

  • Stratton TT

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    Time-trial the late-70s way. Super-steep angles and super-tight clearances (pictured here on 20mm tyres), this frame is as responsive as they come. Track ends and a mech hanger so you can set this up fixed or with gears, either way this bike prizes speed above all else; even the paint can’t keep up!

  • Hetchins Vede Mecum

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    By Hetchins’ standards, this is a relatively understated example. The workmanship and finishing, however, is second to none – and the deeper and longer one looks, the more it becomes clear that the choices made in the design of this Vede Mecum I were not dictated by budget, but by an ostentatious taste.
    The build sacrifices neither form nor function to the other – staying true to the aesthetic and spirit of the original machine. A composite of continental parts: Italian gears (Campagnolo) and brakes (Universal), French crankset (Durax) and Bottom Bracket (TA), Belgian cockpit (Titan) and British saddle (Wrights). As handsome as they come.


    This bicycle is on display at Rapha Spitalfields – drop in to see it in the flesh!

  • Mac Lean

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    Formerly of Upper Street, Islington, MacLean retain an ability to make the most hardened of London lightweight-watchers go all goey-eyed. This 50s example is true to the rule. Superb detailing, pencil stays, original paint and varnish transfers. Set up fixed, but on a flip-flop hub with a 5 speed freewheel if you wanted to run it geared down the line.