We are a repair shop too! We do repairs on maintenance on all types of bicycles, and have a wide range of new and second-hand spares to get you back on the road after a breakdown. Whether it’s as simple as fixing a puncture, or as involved as replacing a damaged tube on a much-loved frame, we’re able to help. We keep our workshop prices competitive, and quote repairs and servicing on an individual basis to avoid over-charging or performing unnecessary work.

Contact us for a consultation or to book your bike in for service or repair: call 07757 107357 or email


We carry an array of new and used parts in order to cater to all of our customers. Whether it’s a high-end vintage groupset to complete a classic build, or a cheap pair of new tyres to keep your run-around running around, we pride ourselves on stocking, or being able to source, almost anything you ask us to.


No maintenance job is too big or too small – we strive to keep old bikes on the road – confounding wherever possible the idea that an old bicycle is only good for scrap. We’re equally comfortable dealing with newer bicycles, and will happily work on the latest carbon frames and 11-speed groupsets.

We’ll always talk through the options before carrying out repairs so that we do a job that meets each customer’s expectations and budget.

We don’t have fixed price ‘service plans’ because not all bikes are the same. Instead, we’ll quote repairs and maintenance for each bicycle individually. Our price list for specific jobs can be found here.


Many of the bicycles and frames that pass through our hands undergo extensive restoration work. Where possible, we preserve original paintwork, removing rust and dirt but allowing the patina to remain, allowing their character and age to show through.

Of course, sometimes new paint work is necessary or desired. We can design and/or arrange for your frame to be repainted in any way you want. We work with Mercian in Derby, Bob Jackson in Leeds, and Armourtex in London to do these jobs. A new paint job costs from £75. Please call, email, or drop in to discuss your needs.


We build wheels for many of the bicycles we sell, as well as offering this service to our customers. We offer a range of new rims and hubs, but we’re also happy to rebuild wheels using older parts. We use Sapim spokes in all of our wheels.

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